ReStrap: Experience One of the Best Guitar Straps on the Market

Guitar players know all too well the common struggles that come with traditional guitar straps. A strap that is too loose, too worn out, or not locked in place well enough can and will end in a painful back and/or a fallen and damaged guitar. If you are tired of the frequent issues you experience with a traditional guitar strap, it’s time for a change. Experience ReStrap, one of the best guitar straps available, and never worry about a damaged guitar or back pain again.

What Is ReStrap?

ReStrap is a new, retractable guitar strap that will be hitting the market soon. From a guitar enthusiast who was fed up with the same ole’ guitar strap causing the same ole’ issues, ReStrap is “ReImagining and ReInventing” the industry! Austin Franzen has been playing guitar for years and made the decision after decades of hanging straps, strap attachments coming off, and the pain of adjusting his straps to “ReThink” the traditional guitar strap. ReStrap is compact, easily adjusted, and has built-on strap locks, making it one of the best guitar straps to enter the market.

How Does It Work?

There are a few ways that ReStrap is different from other traditional guitar straps:

  1. ReStrap is compact, fitting right into your pocket and retracting flush against the back of your guitar, preventing hanging or loose straps.

  2. ReStrap guitar straps have a unique, patented adjustable feature that allows you to retract the strap with the push of a button using the weight of the guitar.

  3. ReStrap is secure, with patented strap locks built on to prevent slip offs.

I’m Sold. Where Can I Get ReStrap?

We will be raising funds on Kickstarter in order to get into the production stage so that everyone can have the benefits of the best guitar straps with ReStrap. The best way to support our campaign and stay up to date on our product as it hits the market is to sign up for our email list to receive communications on our Kickstarter launch.

Intrigued, but not a guitar enthusiast? We are also finalizing ReStrap straps for use with luggage and rifles! These options will both be available when we hit our goal and move on to the next campaign, which is even more reason to stay tuned in!

We are excited to ReImagine and ReInvent with your support of ReStrap. Visit our KickStarter today to support our campaign and experience one of the best guitar straps to hit the market!